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About Us


Rascal Dads has been created to document the hardship of “single” men raising their kids alone.

The bloggers are like cheese and chalk but have been brought together by their common plight. Saddled with young children constantly craving attention, and not helped by the fact that their wives are either overseas, at work or studying, these brave men are taking it upon themselves to give their kids the best childhood they possibly can.

But that’s only half the story. Rascal Dads completely suck at it. So they’ve decided that the kids will have to develop and share whatever interests their dads have.

The arty one takes his kid museum-hopping every other weekend. The geeky one introduces the latest online games to his son. The lazy one simply dumps more enrichment classes onto his children if he’s not taking them out to binge.

When they run out of ideas, Rascal Dads will drop their kids off with their relatives while they go on to do important things like watching soccer with the boys. Somehow, they’re always ready with excuses to defend their activities.

It’s more accurate to say Rascal Dads are trying their utmost not to destroy their kids so early in their lives. Who knows, they may accidentally learn a thing or two, from their dads’ unique approach to parenthood.


《流氓老爸》博客主要述说,一堆男人如何在 “单身” 且 ”独立” 的情况下照料小孩的辛酸秘史。






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