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Dancing waitresses at The National Art Centre Tokyo

Heard The National Art Centre Tokyo in Roppongi is a fine piece of art itself. So I’m not gonna miss it while in Japan.

“You’re making me go to an art museum again?” Pangzi protested. “But I wanna visit a maid cafe!”

“Who told you about maid cafes?” I demanded.

“They are a work of art too. The maids use whipped cream to draw on your pancakes!” he shared.

“And how did you know that? This is so wrong,” I said, because I knew of many other ways to use whipped cream.

Whether Pangzi liked it or not, he soon found himself with me at The National Art Centre Tokyo, where only two exhibitions were ongoing for such a large place.

One with lighting installations came at a hefty entrance fee. It felt like a furniture show.

I’d expected more of The National Art Centre Tokyo which was supposed to be the flag bearer of contemporary art for the country.

What a scam.

Pangzi was still going on about maid cafes.

“You know, the maids there treat you like royalty. You can ask them to do anything, like dance for you.”

“I’m not sure they’ll do the kind of dance I’d like them to do. Anyway, since you’re so into cafes, let’s dine at the Salon de Thé ROND.”

“Sounds like a sophisticated cafe. Where is it?”

“Right here at The National Art Centre Tokyo. It’s actually quite famous. They shot a manga movie out of it. It’s called Your Name or something.”

“Really, what’s the movie about?” he asked.

“Dancing waitresses. In fact, all the waitresses in Japan dance for you, not just in maid cafes. You just have to ask,” I lied.

So Pangzi googled how to say “dance for me” in Japanese. I was waiting for a good laugh.

The waitress came with our food… and left quickly before he could speak to her.

At least the food was good. We ordered pancakes. With the whipped cream on top.


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