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Museum of Natural History is kinda dated

“Daddy, what should I study when I grow up?” Pangzi asked. I thought a visit to the Chulalongkorn University was necessary, since we were in Thailand.

“Your answer lies within the Museum of Natural History here,” I said.

“Throughout the history of humankind, we’ve seen civilisations rise and fall. Subjects of interest like agriculture, economics and industrial automation take turns to become important.”

“But what has any of these subjects to do with natural history?” he pointed out. I was stumped.

“All subjects are… related,” I continued, making it up as I went along. “Business is driven by geography, and geography is associated with history. Geddit?”

In truth I just wanted to check out the Museum of Natural History. Chulalongkorn University being the best in the country surely had lots to offer.

Located in the heart of Bangkok walkable from MBK Centre, it was also not hard to find. I couldn’t help but wonder if the students were constantly distracted by all the shopping.

“But daddy, I’m more keen on subjects like artificial intelligence and prompt engineering. That’s what all my classmates are talking about. History is like – outdated.”

“How can you not like history? You need to learn from the mistakes of great men like Hitler and Mao in order to succeed in the present!”

“Okay, but what do these people have in common with bones and artefacts? Why are we at the Museum of Natural History???” he demanded. I was stumped again.

“Ermmm… don’t you like dinosaurs? I’m sure you can see some around.”

So we spent the rest of the time looking out for fossil remains, which other museums had. I hoped the subject of subjects didn’t have to come up again.

However, every corner we turned, it was either edible insects, migratory birds or some other body-less shells.

Despite its heritage, the Museum of Natural History was actually not big. In fact, the exhibits were kind of… old.

But where are the dinosaurs?

It’s a scam!

“Daddy, did you notice that they don’t have dates for these bones? At best they put a range. With AI today I’m sure they can do a better job at estimating when the creatures died.”

“You may have unrealistic expectations of AI. Just because it can draw and chat with you doesn’t mean it’s capable of everything. Study your math and languages. They’ll help you throughout your life.”

Even though I meant what I said, places like this Museum of Natural History seemed out of place in modern education.

We could be better off shopping next door.

“Wait, daddy. Dinosaurs!”

Oh, finally… but it turned out they were only big cows and such. Still no dinosaurs. So much for Thailand’s number one university.

“That’s it, we’re leaving. There’s nothing more to learn here. You can study whatever you want next time.”

Pangzi was similarly uninspired. As we made our way out, he suddenly had an insight.

“I think I just wanna be a university dropout. Look at Zuckerberg.”



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