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Kapal Selam, says ChatGPT

One of the first names that appeared when I asked ChatGPT where to visit in Surabaya was Kapal Selam.

“Kapal what?” Pangzi asked.

“Monumen Kapal Selam,” I said, “or Submarine Monument as it is more commonly known as in English.”

“And why are we going there again? Why not theme park?”

“Because ChatGPT says so. This is Surabaya, remember, not Orlando.”

“And why are we listening to a robot when it comes to travel itinerary?” he said.

“Because ChatGPT knows everything. Don’t you use it in your school work?” I urged.

“No, I don’t. It’s cheating!”

“Oh c’mon, I’m sure every classmate of yours is doing it already.”

“So what else does your new best friend say about Kapal Selam?”

“Everything. ChatGPT is so knowledgeable. Kapal Selam is a monument erected to commemorate some war heroes. They dismantled it from the sea, transported it to this venue next to Surabaya Plaza, and then put it together again.”

“And it’s a must-see?”

“Of course. Says ChatGPT.”

I spent the entire time on our flight to Indonesia trying to convince Pangzi to use ChatGPT to save himself time and effort in completing his assignments.

“If you’re not caught, then it’s not cheating,” I reasoned.

“But I don’t trust robots. How do you know the information given is accurate?” Pangzi retorted.

It’s ChatGPT, the game changer!

It turns out that the AI god can also be imperfect. Kapal Selam was nothing more than a small piece of metal with cramped interiors that you’d sometimes have to navigate on all fours.

There was not much to see inside the modestly maintained cabins. The submarine itself was situated in a rather empty park.

“So ChatGPT just scammed us,” Pangzi concluded as we completed the tour in no time.

“I’m sure it writes your school essays better than it suggests tourist spots,” I said defiantly.

“Where are we going next?” he asked.

I wasn’t sure anymore. I’d forgotten how to research. The old way.

We were here:





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