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It’s Hong Kong Geopark, dam it

Pangzi was growing up to be too polite so I told him we were going to Hong Kong Geopark.

“There’s a geological place of interest in Hong Kong of all cities?” he asked in disbelief. “Thank you, daddy.”

“Yes, but what are you grateful for?”

“Green tourism is the in thing now. I thought it’s only shopping and shopping for us. I haven’t heard of this Hong Kong Geopark!”

“Oh yeah, not even the locals know. Hong Kong Geopark sort of came into prominence after the pandemic broke out.”

“Because people couldn’t go to Disneyland?”

“Something like that. So they started exploring around a little more.”

“Does that mean you’re not taking me to the theme park this time?” Pangzi asked.

“Ah, now then you realise. You should be angry. Anyway, theme park, geopark, what’s the diff,” I said dismissively.

“That’s fine. Thanks, daddy. What’s there to see at Hong Kong Geopark?”

“All the things that you don’t like – sedimentary rock formations, Insta-worthy meandering trails and most importantly a great water dam.”

I was waiting for the swearing, but it didn’t come.

Hong Kong Geopark is located in the famous seafood area of Sai Kung, covering some 100 square kilometres of land space that overlooks a huge body of water.

The unusual hexagon-shaped rock columns are said to be the result of volcanic activities hundreds of million years ago. Needless to say, it is now a conserved Unesco Heritage Site.

The only problem for our visit was getting there. Private cars were not allowed in the vicinity, so we had to take the unfamiliar green-topped taxi.

Fortunately, plenty of them waited there after dropping passengers off, so returning to the city centre was not going to be an issue.

“Look, it’s a dam,” I started. “Quickly, repeat after me, dam dam dam!”

“I like this Hong Kong Geopark,” he said. “Don’t spoil it. Thank you very much.”

“Hey, all your classmates are swearing by now. When are you waking up? Nice boys don’t get any girls.”

“No, thank you.”

“Say it – dam dam dam!”

“Thanks, but no no no.”

“Oh c’mon, I brought you all the way here to see this dam. In Chinese it’s called East Dam. Really. Say it… once?”

“No ma’am, it’s a scam. And my name’s not Shazam.”

Okay, at least that’s creative. I’ll wait for the army to turn him into a real man.


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