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Late for Henan Science and Technology Museum

To trick Pangzi to go shopping with me, I knew I had to use the Henan Science and Technology Museum as a bait.

“Where’s the Henan Science and Technology Museum?” he asked when I raised the subject.

“Near Shanshan Outlets, east of Zhengzhou,” I answered honestly for once. That’s my true destination.

“Okay, I’ll go shopping with you after you take me to the Henan Science and Technology Museum,” he said.

“No, no, no. The last time we did something similar we ran out of time for shopping. We’re going Shanshan Outlets first, otherwise we’ll be shanshan laichi, geddit?” I insisted.

So we did our lunch and shopping at the outlets before he dragged me away impatiently. By the time we reached the Henan Science and Technology Museum it was indeed late afternoon, just a few hours from closing.

That wasn’t the only issue. It turned out we needed to book the free entry tickets online beforehand, which we didn’t. The counter girl gleefully suggested that we refreshed the webpage every minute to see if there were no-shows.

“This is ridiculous,” I shouted. “We came all the way from a long way out. You gotta let us in!”

“No tickets, no entry,” the counter girl responded gleefully. “You just keep trying. It works.”

True enough, tickets became available after a while through some unseen miracle. The counter girl winked as she handed over the tickets, like she knew it all along.

I think it was some scam to showcase their superior science and technology, and test the limits of human tolerance.

The actual science and technology displayed across several huge galleries inside fortunately did not disappoint. There were enough interesting stations to cater to kids from one to 92.

Some of the stations reminded me of commercial trick art and selfie theatres. There were also a planetarium and an entire floor dedicated to natural history.

The Chinese kids are a lucky bunch.

Despite the limited time, Pangzi managed to tire himself out before the museum drove everyone away and pulled down the shutters.

As we left the Henan Science and Technology Museum, Pangzi’s thoughts went back to the outlets earlier.

“Daddy, who is shanshan lychee?”

“I think you really need to brush up on your Chinese.”

“Can we come back China again then?” he replied in hope.

I wish I hadn’t said that.


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