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Painting Galeri Petronas blue and red

Pangzi has developed a bad habit of painting from art class in school. He now likes to paint on everything, from cardboard boxes to newspapers to my living room walls.

Once I went home to see my photo defaced on my identity card. Fortunately that was only a photocopy version.

This had to stop, so I decided to take him to see graffiti of the highest order: a street art exhibition at Galeri Petronas.


Located at Level 3 of Suria KLCC in the capital city of Malaysia, Galeri Petronas is a modern gallery promoting visual art. It offers a breathing stop for those who go there for the shopping or taking selfies against the Twin Towers.

On this occasion, Galeri Petronas had turned into a street art corner featuring all shapes and forms of graffiti.


“Daddy, what’s graffiti?” Pangzi asked. “Wait, I know, I know. I think it’s why the Apple phone falls on the head of Newton MRT!”

I think you’re terribly confused.

“Look, if you have to paint on the walls at home, make sure it’s of this standard,” I told him.


Not all of the art pieces were wall graffiti though. We saw how some everyday items like doors and bottles were marvellously painted over, street-style.


Galeri Petronas is a rare gem of an exhibition space in a country not really known to embrace contemporary art. A designer friend who works in KL has alerted me of the place, as it’s just about the only source of inspiration you’ll get here apart from books.


Before we left Galeri Petronas, Pangzi spotted a kids corner with drawing tools to his delight, and quickly went about doing his thing.


The end result wasn’t all too bad, but suffice to say he wouldn’t be invited to showcase his work at Galeri Petronas anytime soon.


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