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Every day is Mother’s Day at this Shanghai outlet

I couldn’t resist a visit to Shanghai Village, a new Shanghai outlet, but I needed a good excuse.


“You’re going to a Shanghai outlet with me,” I told Pangzi. “We’re buying a Mother’s Day gift today.”

“But I don’t want to go Shanghai outlet,” Pangzi protested. “I want to go Disneyland!”


“This Shanghai outlet is at Pudong near the airport, just next to Disneyland,” I said matter-of-factly.

“Okay then!”

That was simple.


The new Shanghai outlet is about an hour’s ride from downtown, located at the opposite end of Qingpu, which for years is home to the city’s old and only outlet.

Some 100 brand shops line up along the man-made Shanghai Village lake. Finally the outlet scene here gets more interesting.


“Daddy, why are we looking for a Mother’s Day gift?” Pangzi asked when we got there. “You always say Father’s Day is more important.”

“That’s… true,” I said, thinking hard. “But they have special sales around Mother’s Day!”


“Daddy, I thought outlets are supposed to sell at discounted prices all year round?”

“Erm, that’s why every day is like Mother’s Day here!”


Pangzi was still trying to process the logic when he spotted a playground behind the shops.

There was a rather majestic rocket feature with a slide, which we hadn’t seen in any other playground.


I allowed Pangzi to monkey around for a few moments before hauling him off.

“We’re here to shop, remember.”


“Daddy, if we’re getting a Mother’s Day gift, why are you only browsing men’s wear?”

Darn, he’s sharp!


The Shanghai outlet peddled a satisfactory range of branded merchandise and quite a few of my favourite sports labels.

After two hours of walking, I bought a few items for myself and was ready to leave.


“Daddy, this has nothing to do with Mother’s Day. Right?”

Sigh. He’s growing up too fast.



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