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Feeling blue at MAPS Perak

I grew up watching Smurfs so when I heard about the new Movie Animation Park Studios in Malaysia, or MAPS Perak in short, I knew I had to go.

“Daddy, is MAPS Perak a theme park?” Pangzi asked as we were taking the 30min ride there from Ipoh city.

“Yes, it’s built around cartoon characters like Smurfs, Casper and Megamind,” I shared.

“But daddy, theme parks are not suitable for all ages!”

“Nonsense, there are rides that you can still enjoy. You’re never too old to go MAPS Perak.”

“But I’m talking about you!”


MAPS Perak is divided into several segments, from what I read. The one I was looking forward to check out particularly was the largest one marked Dream Zone where Megamind and other familiar names lurked.

“Sorry sir,” said the cheerful park attendant at the gate. “Everything is open today except Dream Zone.”

“Oh, what bad luck,” I said. “We’re in Ipoh only for a few days… maybe we can come back tomorrow?”

“Sorry sir,” said the attendant without dropping his smile. “It won’t be open tomorrow too.”

Something was not right.

“So you mean the park is not fully operational?” I barked.

“Sorry sir,” he said. “Everything is open except Dream Zone.”

That’s one third of MAPS Perak!

“Nevermind,” I told Pangzi as we entered, determined not to let it spoil our fun. “Still lots of other characters to see.”

I was only half right. MAPS Perak, being a local brand, had been designed to heavily promote Malaysian movie animation work.

“Daddy, who’s BoBoiBoy?” Pangzi asked as we came across a theatre named after him.

“Apparently some kid with super powers we don’t know,” I guessed.

After visiting stations with more local characters we didn’t recognise, we finally came to this huge starship that looked promising. Surely some exciting space adventure beckoned?

Alas, it turned out to be only a restaurant.

At the end of the day, I realised that most of the rides at MAPS Perak were meant for smaller children, although that didn’t stop Pangzi from playing.

I suppose I’ll go back to my blue movies on DVD.


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