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Everything for sale at Gosford Museum

On our way to the Gosford Classic Car Museum in New South Wales, I asked Pangzi the all-important question again.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

True enough, this time he gave another answer.

“When I grow up, I want to be rich,” Pangzi confidently announced.

Progress. That’s much more practical than becoming Venom or something.

“What would you buy when you are rich?” I asked curiously.

“Cars, lots of cars,” he said without hesitation.

“Then we’re going to the right place,” I said.

The Gosford Museum is the largest car museum Down Under, and in fact the largest this side of the world.

It houses over 400 vintage cars, and what sets it apart from the other museums we have visited is that it is essentially a car showroom.

You can put down a cheque and drive away any car that you fancy. All of them come with prize tags.

“Wow! Daddy, I want to buy all these cars at the Gosford Museum next time.”

“That would only cost you $70 million,” I said helpfully.

“I want! I want!” Pangzi said, undeterred.

“Besides, how are you getting them out of Australia?”

“When I become rich, would that be a problem anymore?”


“Alright, maybe I won’t buy them all. I’ll just get one,” Pangzi decided.

“Oooh, you already have a favourite among them?” I wondered.

“This is the one,” he shared, standing in front of a vintage fire engine.

Yes, even that’s for sale.

“Okay, when your dream comes true, what are you buying me?”

Pangzi fell silent. He kept to himself the rest of the time at the Gosford Museum.

On this note we left the Gosford Museum and embarked on the two-hour journey back to Sydney. Pangzi seemed to be in deep thoughts throughout.

Finally, he said: “I think I’ll buy you a time machine and send you back in time. Then you can afford your own vintage car.”



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