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Goofing around Jurassic Mile

“Daddy, when are you taking me to Jurassic Mile?” Pangzi asked.

“What for? You’ve already been to the world’s best theme park with hundreds of life-size dinosaurs. This Jurassic Mile is a poor cousin,” I said.

“But all my classmates have visited Jurassic Mile. I FOMO!”

“It’s so hot!”

“We go in the evening, okay?”

I relented, but only to check out the golf course next door.

Jurassic Mile is a stretch of running and cycling track connecting East Coast Park and Changi Terminal Four. Sometimes I think they put colourful dinosaurs there just to get traffic into the airport.

“Look, a fantastic green overlooking a body of water,” I pointed out to him. “Treacherous if you overhit your iron.”

“Daddy, I don’t understand. Aren’t we here to see dinosaurs?”

“Oh, you see they’ve added nets above the walkway. That should be after complaints of balls hitting people,” I continued.

“Safety first?” he commented.

“Destroys the scenery if you ask me. In the first place Jurassic Mile should never have happened. The golfers would be distracted by screaming kids,” I said.

“Ahhhhhhh!” he shrieked defiantly.

“A Club Car! That’s a quality buggy.”

“Daddy, can you stop talking about your goof? Take pictures of the dinosaurs.”

“The course is more charming as the sun sets.”

“I’m ignoring you and your goof…”

“Okay, I should come for the evening flights,” I concluded. “Remind me to bring my 3-wood.”

“Daddy, why are we turning back? We’re only halfway through.”

“Because we’re done. The course is not visible from this point onward. Let’s go.”

“Not before you shoot me with my T-Rex!”

“Okay, done. Happy?”

“Not this one on the wall… I want the real T-Rex!”

“Listen, there’s no real dinosaur. Everything you see here is only a figment of human imagination.”

“That’s so not true!”

“Found your fake red monster. Happy now?”

“You know what, your goof is not real. You can’t even swing a mop properly!”

Ouch, that hurts.

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