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Why aeroplanes at ITE Central

With Pangzi’s grades getting worse by the week, I needed to do something fast. “You’re going to ITE Central with me today,” I declared coldly. “After this, I really hope you’ll never set foot here again.”


“Daddy, is there a playground at ITE Central?” he asked innocently.

“Is that all you think about?” I snapped. “What kind of life would you have in 20 years’ time, if all you do now is pray, pray and pray?”

“That’s not true. I also eat, eat and eat!”


Angrily, I dragged him to Ang Mo Kio where the campus of ITE Central was. Ang Mo Kio isn’t exactly in the middle of Singapore so I’m not sure how ITE Central got its name.


“Wow! Daddy, is this really a school?” Pangzi exclaimed. “I’m coming to study here.”

“No, you’re not,” I said in all seriousness. “ITE Central is not for everyone. If you work hard now, who knows you may surprise me and end up in an Ivy League university.”

“But you told me Auntie Ivy studied here. She has three houses now.”



The more we explored, the weaker my will. With an environment as luscious as this, it’s no surprise that one is tempted to camp here.


Standard facilities aside, there’s even a huge supermarket, a full-fledged bank and a branded food court among other eateries.

Not just students benefit. Apparently it’s open to the public every day.


I needed to pinch myself to believe what I was seeing.

Where else in Singapore do you get a swanky school with such complete amenities?


“Daddy, look… aeroplanes! I want, I want!”

Indeed, there were a few aeroplanes, looking all manicured and glamourous in between the campus blocks.


“Okay, we can come here to see the aeroplanes again when it’s not too hot,” I conceded.


“Daddy, I thought you said this is not the place for me?”

“Erm, there’re so many food options here. We can eat, eat and eat.”


By this time, Pangzi was all confused. So was I.


I think the aeroplanes must have done the trick.


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