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Fresh air at Hindhede Quarry

“Shall we go Hindhede Quarry to get some fresh air? I said to Pangzi one hot weekend. It was more of a tell than an ask.

“But it’s hazy everywhere. How to get fresh air?” Pangzi protested.

“Hindhede Quarry is different. It’s at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. All natural and fresh. Won’t be hazy, don’t be lazy.”

“That’s just crazy,” Pangzi said, still protesting. By now he should know once I set my mind on something, he just had to comply.

So off we went in search of Hindhede Quarry which was supposed to be a small detour to the popular Bukit Timah Hill hiking route.

We walked from the nearby Beauty World which seemed to be the logical starting point if taking public transport.

“After Hindhede Quarry we’re going up the tallest hill in the country at 160m. That’s where we get more fresh air!”

Pangzi was still not convinced. “You know the haze comes from particles which are airborne. We’ll only get nearer to it when we climb.”

So hard to lie to him anymore!

At the foot of the hill, we found it. Hindhede Quarry. A picture of tranquility.

“Okay, we made it. Do we head back now?” Pangzi said impatiently.

“No, no. The hiking has just started,” I declared. Although not a huge fan of hikes, I’d do what I could to get some exercise done. Pangzi didn’t need it but he was brought along to carry my drinks.

On the way up, we chanced on some unexpected finds.

There was an exercise corner for the real monkeys and the human monkeys. Pangzi tried the pebble walkway which was supposed to improve blood circulation but gave up after a few painful steps.

A working flying fox also provided some good distraction.

Bukit Timah Hill wasn’t much of a challenge. In no time we came to the summit, where we found tons of resting hikers.

There’s the distinct smell of collective sweat.

What fresh air.


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