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Chatuchak Singapore shows cashless works

The first attempt to go to the Chatuchak Singapore night market that everyone was talking about failed, after being stuck in traffic along Eng Neo Avenue for half an hour without even getting near Turf City.

Yes, it was that bad.

“Daddy, why do you want to go Chatuchak Singapore on a weekend?” Pangzi asked wisely.

“Thought raining no one will be there!” I was dead wrong.

Indeed later I read that others spent three hours queuing just to get in, and three more hours queuing for food.

It’s like going to Johor Bahru, and cursing throughout the causeway jam.

Undeterred, I took Pangzi to try again. The second time around, we went on a weekday before 6pm when it was still hot. The crowd was already beginning to build up.

“Daddy, I don’t understand why Chatuchak Singapore is so popular now. Before the pandemic we came before and the stall owners outnumbered the visitors!”

“I remember that. You know why? It’s cashless payment mode now. People come here to try and get free meals by cheating the stall owners!”


“Yes, you can only pay using credit card or Paynow equivalent. Let’s try. I’m going to send you a fake electronic receipt. You order something and show it.”

“What if I get caught?” Pangzi asked.

“You run!” I said.

So we sat ourselves down at one of the few tables around the 60 food stalls. We were fortunate to find a seat as we were early. I described the game plan.

“See the tomyum stall there? Go order me a bowl of soup plus some Phad Thai.” I instructed, and gestured to the fake receipt screen shot now on his phone.

“I’m scared,” Pangzi said.

“Don’t worry. Long queue. They’ll be too busy to notice the difference.”

After a while, Pangzi returned with the food.

“It worked, right? I told you everyone is doing it. Now do the same at the mango sticky rice stall over there.

“I’m scared.”

“Don’t worry. Elderly stall owner. Can’t tell.”

Pangzi came back with the loot.

“Good job! You’ve saved me a fortune today.”

“Actually I didn’t. You forgot I have my own PayLah! And it’s linked to your bank account.”



Chatuchak Singapore is ongoing beside The Grandstand in Bukit Timah till Apr 2, 2023. Closed on Mondays.

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