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Exams over – head down to Admiralty Park!

I was bored one hot weekend when I read about Admiralty Park and decided to check out its 26 new slides.

“But daddy, my exams are not over!” Pangzi protested. I wasn’t too keen on taking him along at first, but couldn’t leave him alone.

“Isn’t that better still?” I reasoned. “All the other kids will be at home.”

I was dead wrong. Because it seemed the whole world was at Admiralty Park.

Don’t they need to study?

“Daddy, can we make it short?” Pangzi said worriedly. “I haven’t finished revising.”

“Oh c’mon, it’s only a science paper. I’m sure you’ll do fine,” I replied dismissively.

“There’s no science! Do you even know what subjects I learn in school?”

Erm, do I have to know?

“Oooh, look at Admiralty Park… I can be here all day at this inclusive playground.”

“Daddy, what’s an inclusive playground?”

“It means everything you want is included here,” I explained, glad to show off my bulging vocabulary.

Indeed, Admiralty Park includes many features not found in other playgrounds.

For starters, there’s the unique boomerang flying fox that goes one round instead of along a straight line. It’s usually over subscribed, so be prepared to queue for your turn in the sun.

Admiralty Park also includes an obstacle course over an elevated terrain which is easier to clear than it looks.

The obscene number of slides come in many different forms.

Some are partially embedded in the ground so you cannot actually see where you will land eventually.

Others have rollers that make them look like extended airport conveyor belts.

One is supposed to be the longest outdoor slide in Singapore. I wanted to try it but my self preservation thoughts took over.

However, plenty of other grownups did, and came down at such high speed that it must have hurt when their bums hit the ground.

“Daddy, look – this slide is super wide!”

“Yes, that’s for people with really big bottoms.”

Alas, the heat proved too much, and I declared the visit over.

Maybe I’ll come again after the exams – without him.


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