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Sky Garden takes temperatures through the roof

I’ve delayed visiting Sky Garden at Capitaspring for too long, so I thought of dragging Pangzi there once exams end.

“But it’s so hot these days,” Pangzi protested. “Are you trying to kill me, Daddy?”

“Oh, Sky Garden is indoors, you know,” I lied. Well, it’s true partially.

Located at the heart of Raffles Place, Sky Garden offers one of the best panoramic views in town from the dizzying heights of the rooftop.

It has an indoor part starting at level 17 named Green Oasis, which sees less of the surroundings but provides plenty of greenery as its name suggests. The curves of the building also make for good Gram shots.

That’s where we started. An appetiser before the main course.

“See? Sky Garden is quite airy if you come at the right time of the day,” I reassured him.

Indeed, it’s a great respite from the suffocating sights of side by side skyscrapers in the CBD. Sky Garden is where Golden Shoe used to be, which was not much to look at.

The best part? Entry is completely free. There are specific time slots for visiting though. For example, Sky Garden is out of bounds on weekends and special occasions. Check the website for the latest access information before you go.

Just when Pangzi thought we were leaving, I dropped him the bomb.

“Not yet. We take the lift to the 51st storey.”

There you have it. A walk in the scorching sun.

“Daddy, why are you doing this to me? I should be in bed.”

“Don’t be a wimp. Come take photos for me,” I said.

“But I don’t want to stand under the sun. It’s like 40 degrees today out here!”

“I mean you take photos, not you pose for photos.”

“This is child abuse. I’m going down. Now.”

Just a bit of sun only. I wonder how he’s going to survive the army next time.


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