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Rats go Future Together

“Why is the rat the cleverest animal in the Chinese zodiac?” Pangzi wondered aloud.

“I thought you’d never ask,” I said. “You can find the answer at Future Together.”

“What’s Future Together?”

“It’s an art exhibition at Gardens by the Bay, ongoing from now till mid March,” I explained.

“But has Future Together anything to do with the Chinese zodiac?” Pangzi asked.

“Of course, you can see all 12 animals like never before by digital art specialists Team Lab,” I said. “Rats go!”

“Daddy, we’re not supposed to go to crowded places. The coronavirus is contagious!”

“Nonsense, it spreads only through bats, and there are no bats in the Chinese zodiac,” I reasoned.

Nobody’s going to stop me from visiting Future Together today. The last Team Lab exhibition cost me a bomb, and this is totally free for local residents. Just book online.

Thankfully, the digital art segment of Future Together was indoors and far from crowded.

The few fellow visitors all looked local. I thought there shouldn’t be any problem even if I wanted to trap Pangzi here all day.

“Daddy, look – a flower goat!”

“Yes, the goat came in eighth in the zodiac race, not very smart.”

“Daddy, look – this looks like a flower dragon!”

“Yes, the dragon is number five, still not very smart.”

“Daddy, look – a flower tiger!”

“The tiger is only third, after the cow and you know who.”

“Daddy, you mean the rat came in first? How did it do that?”

“The rat struck a deal with the cat. Then the cat became complacent and fell asleep, allowing the rat to overtake it,” I said.

“That doesn’t sound right,” Pangzi said. “Are you confusing it with the story of the rabbit and the tortoise?”

“Ermmm, all the same!” I lied.

“Daddy, I’m born in the year of the rat. Does that make me the cleverest too?”

“Yes. As long as you go wherever I take you without question,” I assured, “our future together is very bright.”

The exhibition hall was not very big, so as much as I would have liked to stay longer, there was not a lot to see.

“What have you learnt today, clever one?” I asked Pangzi as we made our exit.

“Rats go?”



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