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Who hides teamLab in the forest?

“Daddy, when are you taking me to see a teamLab exhibition?” Pangzi asked.

“If you want, we can go again anytime,” I said.

“What do you mean again?” Pangzi said, confused. “Have I been to one?”

“Of course, when you were a baby.”

“We went Tokyo when I was younger?”

“No, we saw teamLab at the National Museum of Singapore.”

“Singapore? I don’t remember…”

“Yes, best kept secret. The exhibition known as Story of the Forest is the masterpiece of teamLab,” I revealed.

“It’s been around since I was born?”

“That’s right. A permanent exhibition of sorts. I don’t know why so many people want to fly to Tokyo for teamLab. This one costs nothing.”

“Free? Awesome!” he gasped.

So we picked the weekend to revisit the oldest museum here located near Fort Canning.

Built in 1887, it contains artifacts that outline the country’s history within its colonial style walls.

I thought it had enough to trap and entertain Pangzi for the whole afternoon.

Unsurprisingly, very few locals came. Even fewer know about the existence of teamLab hidden here I guess.

Pangzi was even able to capture solo photos against the famous teamLab backdrop. I heard it was impossible at the crowded paid exhibitions elsewhere.

He didn’t remember that he came before. It didn’t matter. After so many years it’s still a refreshing digital spectacle.

Incidentally there is an ongoing exhibition at the museum named Now Boarding from now till Feb 25, 2024, about the evolution of travel.

“You really don’t have to fly to Japan already,” I joked. Pangzi was not amused.

The National Museum of Singapore is also host to the annual Singapore Night Festival Night Festival.

The next edition happens Aug 18-26, 2023. That’s when the museum will feature more bright ideas and open till late.

“Daddy, I still want to see teamLab in Tokyo. All my classmates went,” Pangzi said.

I didn’t promise him anything. Maybe he’ll forget after a while, and in the worst case there’s always the Story of the Forest.


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