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No me-time at Singapore Sustainable Gallery

“Daddy, it’s Earth Hour. Why are you still leaving the lights on?” Pangzi asked accusingly.

“What hour? I only know happy hour,” I countered. I seriously need some me-time.

“Looks like I’ve got to take you to Singapore Sustainable Gallery and teach you a thing or two about living sustainably,” he offered.

“So now you’re taking me places? The last time I checked you don’t even have your own bus card,” I said. Does he really think he’s all grown up?

“Okay, then you’re taking me to Singapore Sustainable Gallery. But I’ll show you what it takes to be environmentally conscious. You old people don’t know a thing!”

“What succulent gallery?”

“Singapore Sustainable Gallery is an indoor exhibition hall split into six zones each highlighting an aspect of sustainable development. There’s water conservation, waste disposal…” Pangzi rattled off.

“How do you know all this?” I wondered aloud.

“See? Old people like you know nothing. Are you even concerned about saving Mother Earth?” Pangzi said, rolling his eyes.

“I know Google okay. Let me show you. G-O-G-G-L-E dot com…” I protested.

Despite my initial search issues (maybe I got the URL wrong), I managed to locate Singapore Sustainable Gallery at Marina Barrage.

At over 1,600sqm, Singapore Sustainable Gallery is a huge place dedicated to raising the awareness of sustainable development, and Singapore’s role in being a responsible global citizen. I wonder why it has stayed under the radar.

“Okay, we can go to Singapore Sustainable Gallery, but stop calling me an old man,” I said.

“Hooray, and I’ll show you what your generation is missing!” Pangzi declared. Wait, did he just call me an old man in another way?

Anyway, my plan was to lure him there and trap him inside the hall. Then I would sneak out and have some me-time exploring Marina Barrage which I had not visited for a long while.

“Daddy, look! Climate change! What your generation has caused!”

Yeah, yeah, blame it on us. I wasn’t actually listening closely to his monologue about greenhouse gases, as I was busy plotting my escape. Maybe at the next zone I’d find my getaway chance.

“Daddy, look! Energy! Power! Something your generation lacks!”

Great, keep it up, say all you like. I just needed the right moment to go away unnoticed…

“Daddy, look! Reforestation… wait, where are you going?”

“I… err… why don’t you continue viewing? I’m just going to get some fresh air outside.”

Oh well, Pangzi announced abruptly that his tour of Singapore Sustainable Gallery had ended, and happily dragged me out to see the rest of Marina Barrage.

There goes my me-time.

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