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VIP tour of LTA Gallery

When visiting the LTA Gallery one fine Saturday afternoon, we were not expecting it to be closed. The website said otherwise.


“No worries, I can open the door for you,” said the officer on duty, who was visibly surprised to see visitors.

It must have been quite some time since he last welcomed anyone to the LTA Gallery on a weekend.


With the turn of a switch, a familiar low hum became audible as the air conditioner came on. Soon we found ourselves alone in the LTA Gallery as if it was a specially arranged private tour.

Suits me fine. I’m very good at repaying people’s kindness.


“Daddy, look! A giant buzzer!” Pangzi shouted.

“Shhh, we’re now VIPs. Behave yourself here,” I warned.


The LTA Gallery holds a collection of visual displays that trace the development of public transport in Singapore over the years. It is free to visit.


Fittingly, the LTA Gallery is just beside an MRT station (Little India).

The convenient location does not quite explain its lack of human traffic though.


“Daddy, look! A giant train! I want to play!” he exclaimed, and tried to open the glass.

“Shhh, that’s not a toy,” I snapped, looking out for CCTV above. “But make it fast.”


“Daddy, look! So many numbers! Are they bet slips?” he wondered aloud as he came across a set of old bus tickets.

“Shhh, bet your head. Who taught you this?” I said.

“You did!” Pangzi reminded.

Oh, did I?


“Daddy, look! A three wheel car!” he said, and climbed up excitedly.

“Shhh, I don’t think you’re supposed to ride it,” I said, looking the other way.


Pangzi then proceeded to run all over the place noisily, although I didn’t attempt to stop him.


“Daddy, look! A mosquito bus!”

Cute, whatever that means.


We didn’t break anything that day, but I made sure the duty officer didn’t see us when we got out, just in case.


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