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When fever is Ion Sky high

It went up to 39.8 degree Celsius at one point. Nothing I did managed to bring the fever down. Pangzi had already drunk a whole bottle of expired paracetamol, and a trip in the middle of the night to KK didn’t help as well.


As a last resort, I decided to bring him to the coldest place within a shopping mall in Singapore: Ion Sky. I read somewhere that cool air would work as an antidote, short of soaking in iced water.

So we went to Ion Art Gallery on the 4th floor to look for the dedicated lift that would take us to Ion Sky at the summit. Funny that I failed to notice this lift despite having been here for a thousand times.

“Daddy, why are we here again?” Pangzi asked.


“To cure your fever. But first let’s browse around,” I said. There was a new exhibition and I couldn’t resist.

Pangzi was however clearly in no mood, so I had to cut it short and took him straight up.


Ion Sky is an observation deck on the 55th floor of the building, offering a panoramic view of Singapore. I heard they used to charge, but now it is free to visit.

More importantly, I was told the air-conditioning at the place would be merciless. Plus, it had been raining. Perfect for our visit today.

The lift was quietly efficient and we were atop in no time.


“Daddy, cold cold,” Pangzi complained.

“Look that way – I can see Malaysia!” I pointed, hoping to distract him.

Indeed, from up here you could make out a lot of landmarks, from MBS to Singapore Flyer to even the new National Stadium.


CK Tang looked so tiny right opposite Ion across Orchard Road. In the distance you could even see container ships off the Tanjong Pagar terminal.

“Daddy, cold cold,” he repeated.

No choice, I put a sweater on him.

“Daddy, this is a girl’s sweater!”


Oops, in my haste I just grabbed one from his grandma’s wardrobe. Thought he couldn’t tell.

“Daddy, can we go home now?”

I glanced at my watch – we were here for half an hour only. I wasn’t done admiring the stunning scenery, although it wasn’t the best weather today.


“Look, a telescope!” I pointed. In truth it wasn’t a real one but an electronic machine which seemed hard to use.

After wasting more minutes figuring it out, Pangzi became impatient.


“Daddy, I wanna go back.”

I felt his forehead. The fever had subsided.

Now that you’re not sick anymore, why should we return so early?


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