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Unwelcome guests at Singapore Discovery Centre

Although the Zika scare has more or less subsided, going outdoors still presents a risk. Not so good news for restless kids. Suddenly the Singapore Discovery Centre becomes an appealing destination.


“Why are we going to the Singapore Discovery Centre again?” Pangzi asked.

“What do you mean again? We haven’t been there since last week!” I reasoned.


In truth, you can’t find too many indoor places as big as the Singapore Discovery Centre where you can throw your kids and know they won’t get out for hours. Most importantly, it’s free to visit.

Located at the western end of the island near Pioneer MRT Station, the Singapore Discovery Centre is not hard to find but not easy to define.


You can say it’s a gallery because it has acres of space for displaying… anything Singapore.

In fact, it’s been erected for you to discover what’s uniquely Singapore and see how you can contribute to the future – assuming you want to.


You can say it’s a museum because it takes you back to the past and lets you discover milestone events that have helped shape the nation.


You can say it’s a playground because it has electronic games, booths and other attractions that won’t be out of place in a science centre.


You can say it’s a tour centre because it offers you bus rides to discover the adjacent SAFTI Military Institute which is where army officers are made.


You can say it’s an entertainment hub because it has its own cinema screening the latest movies, and a theatre that offers 4D rides.

No kidding. Just that you need to pay for tickets, unlike the other activities.


Finally, you can also say it’s a resort because next to it is a huge man-made lake that brings plenty of photo opportunities.


However, we discovered something else which we hadn’t expected to find.

It turned out the Singapore Discovery Centre was a breeding ground for mosquitoes, which ambushed us as we were heading out. There had to be a dozen of them, buzzing around our ears.

We ran for cover…


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