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Christmas comes early to Public Art Space

When Pangzi asked to see the Christmas lighting in town, I sensed my chance to visit the Pan Pacific Singapore Public Art Space.

“We’re going to see the Cityscapes, Ancient and Present exhibition at the Public Art Space. It’s ongoing till next Jan,” I declared.

“Is it in Orchard?” Pangzi quizzed.

“It’s at Marina Square, near enough,” I lied.

“What’s at the Public Art Space… Disney characters?” he pushed on.

“On display is a series of watercolour paintings on the urban landscape in Singapore,” I elaborated. “Don’t you like watercolour?”

“I want to see Mickey Mouse lights!” he protested.

“It’s going to be overcrowded at Orchard Road,” I concluded.


I shut him up.

Like it or not, you’re coming with me to the Public Art Space.

So Pangzi reluctantly tagged along to the Pan Pacific Singapore, which housed the Public Art Space on the second floor.

It’s interesting that a hotel is openly dedicating exhibition space to contemporary artists.

On this day, Pangzi was determined to ruin my appreciation of the fine arts. Using the corridors of the hotel, he started mimicking Usain Bolt and ran around.

“Stop, this is a public art space – not your private race track!” I shouted, to no avail.

Some hotel employee downstairs noticed the minor commotion, and started making his way up.

I grabbed him and left before we were confronted… and before I had the chance to properly enjoy the works.

Once outside, Pangzi asked: “Daddy, can we go see lights now? It’s near enough.”

So that was his plan all along.


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