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KidsSTOP, another cosplay playground

I read that the famous make-believe playground in Sentosa had permanently shut down, but didn’t count on the readymade substitute in KidsSTOP.

“Daddy, when can I cosplay again?” Pangzi asked expectantly.

“Never? The place that starts with K is no more, in case you don’t know,” I said.


“No, KidsSTOP is very much alive!”

“Kids what?”

“KidsSTOP at the Science Centre!” he explained. “All my classmates go there for an identity makeover.”

“An identi-what?” I asked. Where did they learn all these terms.


“Well, you can pretend to be a pirate there at KidsSTOP,” he elaborated.

“A pirate?” I said.


“Yes, a pirate who fries a plane.”

“Who taught you to talk like that?”

“Ermmm, you?”


“Or you can pretend to be an archeologist or a paleontologist. See if you can dig up dead bodies.”

“Hmmm, sounds like what you do at the K playground.”


“Yes, you can also become a doctor. Open up bodies. Put things inside. Sew them up.”

“I like.”


“They give you white robes so that you look the part,” Pangzi continued.

“Really? The K playground does that too,” I added.


“Yes, KidsSTOP is another cosplay haven.”

“Do you get a free mask too?”


“Or you can be a sushi chef. Serve raw fish. Give your customers diarrhoea.”

“That’s fun.”


“Or become a construction worker. Build houses. Build roads. Build MRT. Make so much noise, wake up everyone early Sunday morning.”



“Super cool, right? The K playground won’t be missed. You can terrorise the adults here all the same at KidsSTOP,” he reasoned.

“Yeah, sounds like a plan,” I conceded.


“Being part of the Science Centre, KidsSTOP provides all the learning opportunities too. Not just mindless cosplay,” he said convincingly.

“And I can trap you there all day,” I chipped in.


“So daddy, are you taking me to KidsSTOP?”

“I must say you put up a very strong case… but there’s something I don’t understand.”


“Why are you talking like me? I’m the rascal dad here.”

“Oh, I learn from the best.”




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