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Jewel Canopy Park at its emptiest

Virus, go where? I thought this was the best time to stay home, but we ended up at the Jewel Canopy Park, thanks to Pangzi.

“Daddy, you know they cancelled all our weekend activities in school, right?”

“That’s very smart of them.” And perfect for me. Now I could catch up with my drama serials.

“You know I have nothing to do at home, right?”

“Yeah, so.” I didn’t cancel those activities, they did.

“You know when I have nothing to do I’ll just watch YouTube all day, right?”

“Yeah, so… wait a minute… oh, darn.”

Pangzi nodded. That meant no drama for me. Uh huh.

So off we went to the Canopy Park. Pangzi wanted a real outdoor park, but it was too hot so this would do.

Besides, this was just the right time to go Jewel. Not too many people to spread the virus about. It was well reported.

In fact, to see the once crowded Changi Airport attraction reduce to a cold and quiet mall was sad to say the least.

We were merely doing our part to enliven the place.

With crisis came opportunity. Everything was on sale. Parking was free. Entry to the Canopy Park was on a one-for-one deal.

I made Pangzi wear a mask. The other few kids who were around shunned him. We had the Canopy Park to ourselves, almost.

The Canopy Park was no more than an extension of Gardens by the Bay I thought, with colourful plants pretending to be animals.

We also saw two lonely mandarin ducks paddling in a small pond. That was it.

Suddenly we were engulfed in mist. Apparently it was part of a feature called the Foggy Bowls.

For a moment I really thought they were disinfecting the place.

Some curvy, contorted structures named the Discovery Slides looked promising. Until we discovered they had closed half of them.

The small but interesting Mirror Maze saved the day, although that required an extra fee.

We took a few wrong turns before getting out.

Well, the trip to the Canopy Park was some kind of guilty pleasure. But seriously, when else could you find Jewel this empty and enjoyable?


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