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Language runs afoul at IExperience

It started with a casual remark on my part while browsing the papers online.

“What rubbish are they reporting in the news today?”

Pangzi, ever the prim and proper kid, intercepted me. “Orrrrrh, you said a dirty word!”

“News is dirty?” I asked, feigning surprise.

“No, the R-word!”

“Ermmm, reporting?”


At his age, he should be learning to swear. So I ended up taking him to IExperience where I hoped to introduce him to “rubbish” and other cruder forms of foul language.

IExperience is an IMDA showcase located in Esplanade Xchange, which is the underground link between Raffles City and Suntec. It has been established to demonstrate the innovative use of info-communications as Singapore moves toward being a smart nation.

Just the perfect place to trap the little one on a hot afternoon without spending money.

“Daddy, what is a smart nation?”

“That means a place not meant for stupid suckers to live in,” I said intelligently.

“Orrrrrh, you said the S-word!” he protested.

I shrugged. Kids tend to overreact to “stupid”.

“Daddy, are our future homes going to be all connected like it says here?”

“Yes, it’s this nonsense called the Internet of Things. Bloody useless if you ask me.”

“Orrrrrh, you said the B-word!”

“Seriously, it’s all bullshit!”

“Daddy, that’s another!”

“Oh, don’t be a bitch.”


“Daddy, will there really be driverless vehicles?”

“Hell, yes!”

“But I like to drive…”

“Go find yourself some other crap hobby.”

“Daddy, does it mean in future we don’t have to leave the house to get things done?”

“Of course you do. Get out and smell the roses. Don’t believe any of this shit you read.”

“You mean, like playing outdoor games?”

“Yeah, something like that. Get street smart.”

“Okay, so all this IExperience stuff is cock,” Pangzi concluded.

Who taught him that?


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