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Dover Street is not a street

Pangzi was so used to staying home that when I suggested visiting Dover Street after the lockdown was lifted, he fought against it.

“Where do you want to make me go?” he asked suspiciously.

“Dover,” I said, careful to give anything away. Shopping was top of my list, not his.

“Dover where? Is there a playground?”

“Dover Street. No playground but there are art pieces known as mannequins.”

“Dover Street? Is that a town near Dover MRT?”

“There’s actually no Dover Street in Singapore. I’m taking you to Dover Street Market.”

“We’re going to a wet market?!!”

“No, no, no. Dover Street is a mall at Dempsey Road.”

“Is it a street or a road?”

“Dover Street is the name of the shop. Dempsey Road is the name of the location.”

“I thought Dempsey Road is an eating place?”

“You’re right, except it also has a shopping mall.”

“Daddy, you’re confusing me. You want me to go with you to a street not found in Singapore with a market that sells clothes at a place that sells food?”


“You know what? I’ll ignore you and play on my phone if you force me,” Pangzi said defiantly.

“But I thought you like mannequins,” I tried.


“Look! Dover Street has all these special labels you can’t find anywhere else… a design haven!”


“Look! This place is more like an art museum than a mall. So artfully done up.


“Look! You can take your Instagram selfies here when the shop assistants are not looking.”


“Look! Pokemon!”


“Oh, just another mannequin,” I said. So easy to trick him.


“Daddy, I’m tired. Can we just go?”

“No, it’s so hot outside. The aircon here is perfect,” I said. “And I’m not done shopping.”

For the rest of the day, Pangzi only said one word to me.



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