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No ice cream at Design Orchard

I’m a sucker for anything design, so when Pangzi wanted to eat ice cream I knew it was my chance to visit the haven of local design known as Design Orchard.

“Does the place sell desserts?” he asked innocently.

“Design Orchard puts together more than 60 local brands under one roof, mainly for fashion and accessories,” I explained.

“So it’s a shopping mall. Daddy, then why are we going?”

“There’s a pop-up display at Design Orchard currently where you can find your ice cream!”

Design Orchard occupies prime retail space right in the middle of the shopping belt opposite Heeren.

Despite its outstanding location and tasteful decor, it’s a less frequented mall compared to its illustrious neighbours like 313 Somerset. Perhaps local design isn’t for everyone.

For this month only, Design Orchard is home to a creative showcase for the upcoming Museum of Ice Cream debuting in Dempsey Road later this year.

I don’t know how it’s gonna work in tropical Singapore, but that’s another story.

We arrived at Design Orchard shortly before its early closing time, and I left Pangzi to roam the pop-up as I quickly browsed the rest of the place.

The small mall, turned partially pink by the exhibits, wasn’t interesting enough to trap the little boy who soon got bored.

“Daddy, there’s no ice cream!”

“That’s strange. There’s supposed to be a sampling corner. Nehmine, go look at the pink toys they’re selling and don’t bother me.”

As an incubator for design talent, Design Orchard didn’t disappoint.

I was tempted to get one of those special cushions in the shape of the local ang ku kueh delicacy that you couldn’t find anywhere else. Until I saw the price tag.

Pangzi found me again among the aisles. “Daddy, I’m gonna sit down and play with the phone. Later bring me to a real ice cream joint, okay?”

“Certainly,” I lied.

Pangzi didn’t have to be restless for long as the place was closed for the day too soon.

I didn’t manage to finish my rounds, and vowed to be back.

“Daddy, where are we going now? It’s only 8pm.”

“Home, of course.” No ice cream for him.


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