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Turning play into cosplay

If you think cosplay is only for young misled adults, you haven’t been to Royce Kids Gym at Liang Court. There you can find cosplay costumes for all of your fantasies… okay, maybe just the fantasies of children.


Don’t know about you, but I have a thing for uniforms. I got excited when Pangzi decided the other day to turn himself into a fireman. That was after his visit to the Central Fire Station, where he became inspired by giant peeing machines.


Then his taste upgraded to comic book superheroes. On a subsequent visit to Royce Kids Gym, he surprised me by appearing in a cosplay batman suit. I was looking for the nipples on his shirt front, but unfortunately the suit didn’t follow the movie version exactly. The result wasn’t too hot on him.


On another occasion, he turned himself into Spiderman and tried to save the world. I told him to impress the Wonder Woman in the same room first. So he went up to the little girl and attempted to do a cosplay double act with her. His reward? A cold shoulder. Nevermind, this won’t be the only time a girl rejects you in your life.


So Batman and Spiderman didn’t work. Next, he donned a Captain America uniform, complete with the trademark rubbish bin shield. I thought he looked much better this time, muscles and all. The girls seemed to agree, and very soon, he was surrounded by female company who started a cosplay party with him. I didn’t know he could shake his bum so well to the music.


By now you should’ve guessed I like this place tremendously. It’s the ideal indoor prison for locking in your kids for the entire afternoon.

Other than cosplay, the room is filled with an assortment of toys to entertain the little ones – there must be close to a thousand, no kidding.

Kids can also try rock climbing, play with Wii, bounce big balls, pretend to be chefs, slide down a ramp in a safety car, and do a hundred other things.

Next time you feel like having a cosplay event in Singapore, remember to ask me along.


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I heard they are building a really big cosplay (role play) theme park in Sentosa… Guess he will love it.

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