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Dreaming of riches at Ion Art


An email message from the school warned that Pangzi had to contribute a piece of artwork for an exhibition to celebrate Children’s Day.

“Parents are encouraged to produce the artwork together with their children to foster closer bonding,” the principal signed off cheerfully.

The hell I will. My idea of real bonding involves ropes and cuffs.


So when Pangzi reminded me that the artwork was due soon, I took the opportunity to take him to Ion Art. After my earlier failed attempt to drag him to an art gallery, I wasn’t going to let this chance go by.

As a concerned parent, I figured he was in great need of true inspiration to complete his assignment. More importantly there was an ongoing art exhibition I wanted to check out.


Ion Art is a contemporary arts gallery situated on Level 4 within the bustling mall at Orchard Road. In fact not everyone I know is aware of its presence at Ion Orchard, which is more known for its shopping. Best of all, entry is free of charge.

“Daddy, why are we at Ion?” Pangzi asked, unimpressed by the artwork around him.

“You are here to learn so that you can become an outstanding artist when you grow up,” I said, laying down my expectations early.


“But I don’t want to be an artist… I just want to be rich!”

Very well, you learn fast. 

He then went on to condescendingly examine each piece before declaring that he was… ready.


“Really? Are you ready to do your school work? Or ready to become very rich?” I implored.


“Daddy, I’m ready to leave Ion.”



We were here:




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