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Family planning at Singapore City Gallery

“Daddy, how are babies made?” Pangzi asked the inevitable question. “I think the interesting question now is where,” I said cryptically, and took him to the Singapore City Gallery in search of the truth.


Some important person recently made a remark that got everyone talking about just how much space you need to make babies. I thought the city planners at the Urban Renewal Authority would know.


After all, they are the ones who have built the Singapore City Gallery within URA Centre to show the world how space is allocated.


“You know what, you can make babies not just in houses,” I started, “but also in malls, factories and schools.”


“Schools?” Pangzi was astounded. “The principal always asks the teacher to go to the storeroom. Are they making babies there?”

“Maybe. Apparently, you don’t need a lot of space,” I said.


“I’m not done yet,” I continued, as we admired the Singapore City Gallery displays. “You can also make babies here at the parks, along the beaches and on the roads.”


“Roads?” Pangzi was curious. “Are babies made in cars?”

“Why not. Drivers horn. They are really horny people. Apparently, you don’t need a lot of space,” I said.


The Singapore City Gallery is an impressive showcase of technology and modelling that help the planners decide where residential, commercial and public facilities should go in this land-scarce city.


It spans three levels of the building, with interactive and experiential exhibits for kids to learn about urban design and sustainable development.


“Daddy, I see MBS! It’s so small in this model. Are babies made in the Infinity Pool?”

“Well, when people get high you never know. Apparently, you don’t need a lot of space.”


“Daddy, where was I made?”


Okay, that’s one question I’m not answering.


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