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Imagine a bigger world at Imaginarium


Life was different when I was Pangzi’s age. Last time we were very poor. Now we are very good at hiding we are very poor.

The trick is simple: just imagine. I took Pangzi to the Imaginarium exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum to drive home the point.

Imaginarium is more of an indoor playground than a contemporary arts show. The first stop we made was apparently for some knitting exercise.


“Daddy, why are we making clothes?” Pangzi asked.

“Imagine this is going to be your Armani,” I said. He gave me a blank look. Nevermind.


Next was an origami stop, where we created paper rockets.

“Daddy, I don’t want a rocket. I want a house.”

“Imagine this is your bungalow then.” I made him fold more so that I could burn some for my grandma. She never owned a house when she was alive.


Then we came to a dark room with lights that came on when the bicycle exhibits were ridden on. This was a special Imaginarium segment that depicted the future of energy consumption.

“Daddy, why no car?”

“Imagine this is your Jaguar on two wheels. Next time when bicycles can fly we won’t need cars.”


Upstairs there was a darker room with glowing insect exhibits. My idea of creepy art.

“Daddy, this looks delicious!”

“No, you don’t eat your pets.”


A giant jigsaw wall in one corner kept Pangzi busy for a while. The clues were so cryptic I think only an Egyptian hieroglyphics expert could solve it.

Finally, a normal looking room with books, which looked out of place at Imaginarium.


“Daddy, where are the chairs?”

“What’s wrong? I didn’t even have a table last time. My books were all over the floor. Imagine this is your penthouse attic.”

“Penthouse? Daddy, is that the book you read?”



Imaginarium is ongoing at SAM at 8Q till July 19, 2015.


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