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Planet Earth, recycled

When Pangzi wanted to try for his school’s green council, I thought that’s my cue to take him to Planet Earth.

“Planet what?” he asked.

“You heard me right the first time,” I explained. “Planet Earth is a special art gallery showcasing metal sculptures.”

“What has that to do with my green council?”

“Aren’t you going for an interview? You need to know about recycling. Planet Earth is home to hundreds of art pieces made of recycled material, notably scrap metal.”

That’s just an excuse to get down to the gallery located at Bendemeer. It’s right at the traffic junction diagonally opposite the famous market and hawker centre. With its flashy exterior you can’t miss it.

Although named as an art gallery, every masterpiece is for sale. I spoke to the minders there who revealed the sculpture artists are from India who can custom make any design for commercial use as well.

The art pieces were nothing short of impressive. There were also paintings other than sculptures.

“Look daddy, Marina Bay Sands!”

Ah yes, the artists have a sense of humour. There’s even an art piece in the shape of the current president.

The national airline also features prominently in the centre of the gallery.

Nevertheless the main theme of Planet Earth is still nature and recycling. Most of the pieces are dedicated to animals.

There’s a giant bird made out of only recycled tyres. The artists are as talented as they are resourceful.

“So, are you confident of making the green council?” I asked patronisingly. In truth I couldn’t care less.

“Think I need to demonstrate that I have a keen interest on environmental matters, with full family support,” Pangzi said.

“What do you mean family support? I need to make donations? Don’t join then.”

“No no, you just need to show you’re green too.”

That’s a big vague ask, I thought. How to suddenly develop a green conscience? By buying a recycled metal art piece?

I took a look at a nice metal goat head. It’s not too bad to be placed somewhere at the office. But the price tag stunned me. Seems like going green doesn’t come cheap.

“This green council thing… don’t be too serious about it. Let others save the world. You have better things to do,” I advised him.

“Is that how your generation thinks? No wonder Planet Earth is in trouble,” he said.



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