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Not amused at New World’s End

“Put on your sneakers,” I announced to Pangzi one evening. “We’re going to the very first amusement park in town.”

“Oh great, I like amusement parks. You mean like arcade games?” he asked expectantly.

“Okay, not quite like that. It’s an immersive experience called New World’s End, centred around the story of New World,” I explained.

“Is New World a new place?” he wondered aloud.

“On the contrary, it’s no longer around. New World’s End is a bit of history and a bit of discovery. That’s where it gets interesting and immersive,” I said.

“And why the sneakers?”

“We’re doing some walking around Little India, where New World used to be. It starts and ends at Desker Road.”

“Hmmm, I’m still confused. You want me to come along to find this amusement park that doesn’t exist anymore?”

“Yes, you’ll be guided by walking instructions on an MP3 player. Consider New World’s End an audio tour.” I laughed.

“But I’m not amused. What’s the fun in this?”

“It’s all in the discovery. Find the hidden museum that tells you more about New World and its many secrets.”

“You mean they put a museum in the middle of Little India where no one knows?” he asked.

“Something like that. It’s not a big place. Go see for yourself. I’m not gonna spoil it for you.”

“Why is New World’s End a night thing?”

“Oh, it goes with the history. From the 1920s to the 1980s, New World was very much for the amusement of people at night. There were cabarets, striptease shows and other naughty stuff that you’d like if you were born in that era.”

“Why did it close then?”

“Modern entertainment caught up I suppose. It wasn’t amusing anymore to people.”

“Yeah, like the MP3 player. Who still uses one.”

“In 1986, there was also the collapse of Hotel New World located just across the street of the amusement park, which was a national disaster then. I’m not sure if it had anything to do with the closure but it sure didn’t sound like good fengshui to me.”

“Daddy, so where’s this New World now?” Pangzi quizzed.

“Somewhere you should know quite well: City Square Mall.” I revealed.


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