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Same same but different at NAFA

My eyes lit up when Pangzi asked for inspiration to start on his school project. “You gotta follow me to NAFA then,” I said helpfully. “They have this exhibition going on showcasing their students’ graduation projects.”

“The NAFA in Bugis?” Pangzi asked. “I thought that’s an arts school. My project is not…”

“It’s okay,” I interrupted. “Projects are projects. All the schools are the same.”

I really didn’t care. All I knew was NAFA was holding the Grad Expectations show which was going to end soon this month.

NAFA has a few galleries regularly featuring the works of their students. All are open to the public to visit freely.

“Daddy, why am I looking at clothes here?”

“Yes, this show is for their graduating fashion students. NAFA runs design courses to groom talents for the fashion and arts industries.”

“But my school project has nothing to…”

“Hey look, a Lego fusion piece. You can try to inject humour into your project like them!”

“Daddy, can we leave after this video? There’s no relation…”

“See how they use bold colours on their choice of fabric. You can go wild with your creation too.”

“Daddy, are we done yet? Think I’m better off…”

“But we just came. We should cover every corner.”

The Ngee Ann Kongsi Gallery at NAFA is not big, but the longish shape makes it suitable for accommodating a runway.

I read somewhere that they organised some catwalk on the opening days, but I got to know it too late.

“Let’s go!” I told Pangzi.

“Great, I need to discuss my project… wait, why are we entering another space!”

The Lim Hak Tai Gallery next door was holding a separate show named Weaving the Ocean, till end August.

“Might as well see since we’re here,” I told him. “More inspiration for you.”

“Daddy, no clothes here but why am I staring at ropes?”

“It’s about repurposing material for textile and other usage. Something like your green project.”

“That’s my past assignment. This time I’m not doing a social or arts project anymore. It’s for my chemistry class.”

“Oh, why didn’t you say so earlier?”

I tried not to notice him rolling his eyes.

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