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LASALLE graduates show the way

“Daddy, can you take me to LASALLE? There’s a graduation show going on,” Pangzi requested.

Not bad, I thought. Years of contemporary art training did not go to waste. Still, I hid my pleasure and played the unwilling parent.

“What’s there to see? It’s only some junk work hastily put together by final year students,” I challenged.

“No, no, no. I heard it’s always produced at very high standards. Even professional designers go to admire,” he reassured.

“So? Are you going to be a professional designer when you grow up?” I said.

“Why not. Always an option. Do you know LASALLE is now part of University of the Arts. You can even take honours degree courses,” Pangzi explained.

“But design is dead. AI can already take over all design jobs,” I lied. Actually, it’s something I wasn’t a hundred per cent sure about yet.

Nonetheless, I still took him to LASALLE to check out the graduation show, which boasted over 600 artwork displays, from product design to multimedia.

The LASALLE building itself, situated in the Bugis area near Rochor station and NAFA, was a piece of art with its cool black exteriors and windy staircases.

“Look daddy, smart use of colours and space!”

“Spatial design is dead. AI can offer a thousand variations of this in seconds.”

“Look daddy, creepy art that you would like!”

“I won’t have that on my wall. Anyway, interior design is dead. AI is your new interior designer.”

“Look daddy, an old school computer with Pac Man!”

“Game design is dead. AI is churning out games by the minute.”

“Look daddy, our very own anime!”

“Graphic design is dead. This looks really nice but it probably took the LASALLE students a whole year to make what AI can cough out in no time.”

“Look daddy, something from their music graduates! Imma take a listen.”

“A music degree? You kidding me? Haven’t you listened to AI Stefanie Sun singing Jack Cheung songs?”

“Daddy, is any of this going to be useful next time?”

“I don’t know. But let’s not worry about it today.”

Nevertheless, artificial intelligence in its short form sounds like a sigh to me.


The LASALLE graduation show for 2024 is over but it’s an annual event held at the campus you can check out.


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