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Just a kid at Human x Nature exhibition

“Daddy, can I take up Python?” Pangzi surprised me with this question one day.

“Why the sudden interest in nature?” I asked back.

“No no no. Python as in coding, you know. The kind of stuff that makes you a lot of money,” he tried to explain.

“The only python I know terrifies people and makes you bleed,” I said. “Besides you’re just a kid, but if you’re really interested we’ll go to the Human x Nature exhibition to see some snakes.”

Before Pangzi could protest further, I took him to the National Library at Bugis where the Human x Nature exhibition was ongoing till Sept 2021.

This free exhibition explored our relationship with nature and tracked how the natural environment took shape as Singapore embraced urbanisation through the years.

“But daddy, I don’t want to learn about animals. I want to get rich really fast!”

“How much money do you think a snake can earn you? Besides you’re just a kid… what do you know about coding!”

A friend alerted me about the Human x Nature exhibition earlier. I wasn’t about to pass up the chance to visit, and Pangzi had just given me an excuse.

The National Library from time to time would host exhibitions on various topics – thankfully not always about books.

“Daddy, I see tigers and pangolins around but not a single snake!”

“Urbanisation has driven wild animals into the deepest parts of the forest. And there aren’t many forests around anymore. Besides you’re just a kid, and you won’t understand urbanisation.”

“But what prompted you to want to know coding?” I asked. “Surely it’s too early to make it a career choice?”

“Actually I just want to write my own games, like some of my friends,” he confessed.

“I think you’re confused. There’s coding and there’s coding. Python is for big data analysis and visualisation. As for writing games you probably need some other software.”

“You mean it’s a different animal altogether.”

At times like this, I thought Pangzi had really grown up. He even sportingly finished the Human x Nature exhibition with me without kicking up a fuss.

Or so I thought…

“Daddy, now that you’ve dashed my dream, can I ask for another favour?” Pangzi said gingerly.

“Go ahead, you know I always give you what you want,” I lied.

“Since we’re here can I go play at the basement treehouse?”

“What can I say…”

Still just a kid. 


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