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A drop in the Blue Ocean

Pangzi heard about the SingapoRediscovers initiative and begged me to take him to Marina Square when school was out.

“What’s SingapoRediscovers?” I nonchalantly said.

“Freebies handed out by the government for us to rediscover Singapore! You know, SingapoRediscovers to rediscover Singapore, you know?” he said, exasperated.

“Never heard of it,” I shrugged, pretending. “What’s so good about the vouchers?”

“I never said anything about vouchers! Daddy, you know about this all along! You’re bad, bad, bad… one exclamation mark for each bad!” he said.

He’s growing up too fast.

“Why go Marina Square?” I said, ignoring his last comment.

“I want to go to that shooting place. And climbing place. You know, shoot, shoot, climb, climb, you know?” he gesticulated.

“What’s the name of the place?” I said, pretending again.

“Slips my mind for now. You know, it’s the one at the basement, blue and orange, you know. The deco goes with the actual toys. The guns, for goodness sake, the guns,” he struggled.

“Since you can’t recall the name, we’ll have to go there to find out.”

“Why? You can just Google!”

“No, no, no – we have to be sure. Not everyday the government gives you free vouchers to redeem. While at Marina Square, we can visit the Blue Ocean Art Gallery there,” I said, revealing my true intentions.

“Blue Ocean?” he asked.

“Yes, Blue Ocean Art Gallery is a place for contemporary art, with a key difference,” I explained. “Art pieces are handpicked by not just art connoisseurs but also dealers – they have investment potential.”

“You mean people make money from trading art?” Pangzi said, again showing rare perception.

“Big money.”


“More. In comparison, SingapoRediscovers vouchers are a drop in the ocean.”

“Okay, I’ll go with you but you must then take me to the basement!”

“What’s the hurry? SingapoRediscovers vouchers can be used anytime from now till June 2021.”

“Daddy, you tricked me again. Bad, bad, bad!”



More information about SingapoRediscovers can be found on their official website.


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