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Our own summit at The Art Space


“Daddy, can I go Orchard Road?” Pangzi suddenly asked. “No, we just went shopping,” I said.

“Then can I go Sentosa?” he asked again. Something was not right. “Thought I said no more theme parks for you. Now what’s going on?” I snapped.


“Daddy, I just want to see my hero the North Korea leader.”

“Look, I won’t take you to either place, but we can go to The Art Space to satisfy you,” I said, pleased to have found an excuse to check out the venue.


“Is The Art Space a sports hall?” Pangzi asked.

“The Art Space is an events and exhibition gallery,” I clarified. “Why would it be a sports hall?”

“My classmate says he may play basketball with his American friend while they are both here,” he said.


“That’s nonsense. He can’t dribble any ball!”

“But my classmate says in North Korea he always plays with his army staff?”

“I’m talking about Dennis Rodman!” I explained.


Before long, we arrived at the Art Space, located at Suntec City. It was some distance away where Kim stayed or where the summit was held, so I reckoned we were quite safe.

The gallery featured contemporary art from mainly Asia. There was a healthy collection of paintings, Chinese vases and small sculptures.


The Art Space did not occupy a huge space, so we quickly spotted the one sculpture we came here for.

“See? Your hero,” I told Pangzi. “Some say in real life he’s a work of art.”

“I know, right. My classmate says he’s a cool guy with arms that everyone wants to strip!”


“Okay, time to go,” I declared after covering the ground. “What have you learnt today?”

“Erm, when people are stripped naked, you do not touch them,” Pangzi tried.


“Why would you say that?”

“Because the sign here says – please do not touch!”


We were here:



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