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Get hangry at Art Commune Gallery

“Daddy, why am I always hungry?” Pangzi asked straight after lunch. “Obviously you’re still a growing baby,” I said triumphantly, because he had just given me an excuse to visit the Art Commune Gallery.

Before he could react, he found himself on the way to Carlton Hotel where the gallery was located.

“Are we here at Orchard for afternoon tea?” Pangzi asked in anticipation.

“For a hungry baby I think you need some juicy burgers,” I baited.

“Great, I love burgers… but where’s this place? It’s not a restaurant!”

“Tada. We’ve arrived at the Art Commune Gallery, open not too long ago.”

Visible from Victoria Street, the gallery is not big, and exhibits works in contemporary art.

“So where’s the food? I’m super hungry!”

“There’s a special showcase here at the Art Commune Gallery by artist Wong Keen. He paints burgers.”

“We’re here to see burgers? Thought you’re supposed to take me to eat burgers!”

“These are not just any burgers. See this piece over here? It’s called the Ninja Burger. There’s a lot of deep meaning to it. Tell me what you think.”

“Are you feeding me after I give you my opinion? I’m a hungry growing baby!” he pled.

“If you’re insightful enough maybe I’ll consider your request,” I relented.

“Okay fine. I see a naked woman in the burger. She’s being eaten I suppose.”

“Very good. What do you think it means?”

“Dunno… that there’s a flesh trade going on that we should stop?” Pangzi ventured.

“Good try. I think it simply means women are delicious!” I corrected him.

“I’m so gonna ignore you and your remarks,” he barked, and proceeded to play on his phone.

“Oh c’mon, can’t you see the beauty of women being devoured in these paintings?” I salivated.

“Tell me when you’re done, daddy. I’ll have absolutely no part to play in this.”

“Okay, let’s go have some snacks now!”

In the end Pangzi didn’t eat. He said I’d spoilt his appetite.


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