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Selfie time at Archifest 2016

Vanity has caught up with Pangzi. Every time I want to play games on my mobile phone, he’d snatch it away… for a selfie.


“Daddy, cute or not?”

In my dictionary, only babies are cute, but I’ve decided to play along.

“Wanna follow me to Raffles Place for Archifest 2016? There, you can act cute all you like at the pavilion,” I baited.


Archifest is in its 10th edition, held from Sept 23 – Oct 9. The 2016 theme is titled “Exhale”, apparently as a reminder for us to find breathing space in this concrete jungle of Singapore.

“Daddy, what’s Archifest?”

“It’s a festival where architects come together every year to celebrate and showcase their works,” I enlightened him.


“What’s there to celebrate? Is it someone’s birthday?” he asked.

“Sort of. There’s this Singapore Institute of Architects who organises Archifest. We were at their office last year, remember? I asked you to vandalise their wall.”


This time, there’ll be a special Archifest pavilion, made of construction site material like steel scaffolding and safety nets, erected above Raffles Place MRT.

“You can take selfies at the pavilion selfie tunnel,” I continued. “It’s going to be very colourful I heard.”


“Daddy, will there be a children’s play area like last time? I want to make buildings like an architect,” Pangzi wondered aloud.

“I think there’s an exhibition space featuring architectural projects. When no one is watching, you can have fun rearranging them,” I suggested.


“You mean, like, vandalise the exhibits?”



“Okay, I’ll go with you to Archifest!”

Aha, that didn’t take too much persuasion.

“You’re so cute!” I said patronisingly, and turned away.


As I was trying to get back to my game, Pangzi sneaked up from behind and grabbed my mobile phone – again.

“But I want to practise my selfie, first.”



Archifest 2016 RGB Pavilion at Raffles Place Park:



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