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How to hang cryptoart?

“Daddy, why do my classmates get more pocket money than me?” Pangzi realised one day finally.

“Because they have richer daddies?” I readily answered. “Anyway, money doesn’t grow on trees.”

“I hear that all the time. Then where does money grow?”

“Nowadays it grows on computers.”

“How’s that possible?!!” he challenged.

“To answer that question,” I said, “let me take you to the UltraSuperNew Gallery where a digital exhibition is ongoing.”

“Oh, is that a super new place?”

“I’m not sure, but the cryptoart on display definitely is.”

“Crypto what?”

“Cryptoart is a novel kind of digital artwork that you can only buy with crypto currency.”

“Crypto currency… as in electric money? Ah, that grows on computers.” Pangzi said. “Thought you can only buy electric cars with it.”

“Well, there are many more things crypto can buy you which I don’t want to know.” I explained, “but I do know now you can own a nice piece of digital art no one else can claim.”

“Huh, thought you can just forward or email your friends? That’s how my classmates circulate pictures.”

“I’m not sure about the technical details, but suffice to know the blockchain technology locks the cryptoart ownership to you and you alone once you buy.”

At the UltraSuperNew Gallery at Tyrwhitt Road, many impressive pieces were shown on digital screens, as part of some cryptoart week.

Pangzi also had the chance to view some of them in virtual reality mode.

Art has evolved.

“Daddy, this goes for 0.3eth. How much is that?”

“Unfortunately as a currency it has yet to mature and fluctuates all the time. Today, I think 1 ethereum costs about $5,000. You do the math.”

“Wow that’s not cheap. I see there are others that cost many tezos, whatever that means.” Pangzi said. “But after you buy, how you hang?”

“I guess that would be a question for cryptoart collectors to answer for a long time.”

“But I’m more interested now in another question,” I said. “What pictures have your classmates been circulating?”

Pangzi pretended not to catch the question and continued to quietly view the cryptoart.

The silence was deafening.


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